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Just Asking Why Biden Gets a Pass While Palin is Getting Red-lined

This morning I got a box of books from my parents' house basement. I came to a book I enjoyed in grad school by the famous [leftist]writer James Agee and opened the book randomly to page 212. I thought to myself, the area code for Manhattan. Noting the top lines underlined by myself long ago, I read:
"[I do] not accuse or despise journalism for anything beyond its enormous power to poison the public with the... delusion that it is telling the truth.........The very blood and semen of a broad and successful lying. Remove this form of lying and you no longer have journalism."

Which succinctly sums up what every thinking individual has known for quite a while now in this election season.

The signs of adherence to some sort of mass psychosis are starting to pop up in the "highbrow" publications. The New Yorker had an article on Alec Baldwin in which he whined that calling his 11-year old daughter "a selfish little pig" might hurt his chances for the high office he believes he is qualified for, though he intends to offer himself to the people anyway. If he fails, perhaps he could be appointed to an appropriate post.
Ditto, Chris Matthews, who believes he can beat Senator Spector in PA due to his wide name recognition & reputation. The MSM treat these two as serious, without any serious speculation by their writers as to the possible drawbacks they could bring to a ticket with them on it.

James Fallows is pushing The Atlantic's credibility more than a bit and The Atlantic should have cashiered Andrew Sullivan immediately on the question of the candidate's pregnancy. [This strange specimen of morphing from conservative to fleck-mouthed Robert Fisk took a few days off with his 'husband' to let things cool down.]

Drudge, Fox, and the Wall Street Journal try to stem the hemorrhaging, but no indication of any sense of non-partisan neutrality at all is evident on the left side of the spectrum, which is about 90% now of the national media. But high-handed entitlement and presumption of infallibility pervade a lot of Dem politicians. Watching Lou Dobbs interviewing Barney Frank on CNN this afternoon, Lou tried to correct him when Frank inaccurately claimed that Reagan was the primary cause of the problem today when he started deregulating the markets.

When Dobbs interjected that Carter actually was the first to do so, Frank indignantly exclaimed that Dobbs was breaking the rules for a civil conversation! Dobbs for once appeared chastened and instead of continuing to contest the out-and-out partisan misrepresentations of Frank towards the Repubs, denying any Dem wrongdoing, Lou meekly backed down.

I know Lou was loaded for bear on the fact that Barney Frank impeded any investigation of FanFred's flagrant disregard of all known rules of lending a couple of years ago and its outrageous use of FanFred as an ATM for high-ranking Dems like Raines, Johnson, and Gorelick. That would have been partisan, I suppose, in BFrank's parallel universe.

And Hank Paulson was treating Chris Dodd, who has been outed as the biggest beneficiary in Congress from FanFred donations, as a respectable senior statesman. Chris also got a sweetheart loan from Countrywide that has not been noted by anybody in the mainstream media. Of course, FanFred donated $109,000 to its number two favorite Congressional beneficiary, a Senator starting his first term named Barack Obama. Good grief, it took nine years for Dodd to get $130K!
[The fact that Chris Dodd's daddy was censured by the Senate for dipping into campaign funds in the '50s has never been brought up, even though it's obvious that this apple fell very close to the tree!]

Double Standard

Just to natter on a bit, it's quite evident that a compleat and total double standard is in play with the mainstream media in regard to this election. The facts are that Obama has never been vetted about a number of serious associations. If his resume weren't so thin, thinner than the other three candidates, the little we know about him would be troubling.

He has kept his transcripts hidden from his years at Columbia U. No Problem, says the press.
His senior thesis on Soviet relations has "disappeared." Not a peep of questioning by the NYT or any NY based media.

His attitude toward his mother was so conflicted that he did not go to her deathbed in 1996 because of "scheduling problems." Not a problem for the sycophantic press.

His Chicago relations with a convicted felon like Rezko who largely raised the financing for his run for the State Senate [the records for which "have been lost," hasn't raised any eyebrows among the watchpuppies in the national media[the Chicago local media are virtually part of the Daley Machine or in fear of its retribution].

An unconvicted felon [by his own admission], Bill Ayers, made Obama the chair of a $100 million [how did this SDS mad bomber get that kind of money?] "project" called The Annenberg Challenge. Not a shred of curiosity since Sean Hannity made this relationship front and center [and earned five public rebukes from Obama, a rare occurrence]. The press ain't interested.

Ditto for a notorious racist pastor whose affiliation with anti-Semites like Farrakhan go back a long way[and who got a mysterious $10 million "line of credit" upon retirement----nothing for Letterman to joke about there.

Okay, just another day at Rick's bar in the moral sewer of Chicago politics. But Obama probably was at The Million Man March and HAS NEVER BEEN QUERIED about this.

The interviews of Obama by Brian Williams & Charlie Gibson were puff-balls that Obama didn't need to respond to seriously. Couric was the only one who made a [half-hearted] attempt to draw him out on some serious issues. When Palin was nominated, BHO did do an interview with Bill O'Reilly, but B O'R did not get beneath the smooth carapace of this slick hustler.

Then BHO went on the unwatched MSNBC counterpart's show and was showered with metaphorical confetti in an embarrassing demonstration of why the interviewer should have stayed on ESPN.

McCain/Palin Standard

To sum up what everyone knows, it's completely obvious there is another standard for McCain and especially Sarah Palin, where gotcha questions are the rule. t's getting clearer every day, if not completely obvious, that the media is setting up a very high standard for McCain and extremely high for Sarah Palin, where gotcha questions are the rule. Indeed, her unavailability to the press is being treated as high treason. The "delusion" Agree talked about then is now becoming evident in the media's self-referential decision to move beyond being a referee to becoming the home-team zebra and that team is Obama/Biden.

In fact, the NYT article on Ms. Iseman was almost certainly libelous and under UK law would probably be actionable. But the entire phalanx comprised of Hollyweird/TV/Academicide/Educational & other Unions's leftish foot soldiers and celebritards are marching lockstep to accomplish the goal of Eastern & Left Coast elites, with nary a twinge of conscious or sign of compunction.

The Palin Derangement Syndrome surpasses even the hyperventilating hysteria of the BDS loons & with almost no substance behind ridiculous speculations and false assertions. This is an election that is turning into a food fight.

As for Biden, he keeps making endless silly mistakes, much like Obama's "57 states" remark, on a near-daily basis. [Personal note: My wife served as an LA under a left-wing Dem Senator [who will remain unnamed] who regarded Joe Biden as an amiable second-rater. He has risen to prominence by being re-elected many times, just like Alaska's Ted Stevens or WV's Harry Byrd.]

We don't know much about Palin, but her admittedly thin resume is on the executive side of the separation of powers and she deserves more than the instant disdain the media poured on her. Bill Clinton to his credit says that he "gets" why Palin is popular, as she is authentic, the first such candidate ever in the last five decades. Hillary remains silent.

Unless you count Geraldine, who was authentically dizzy......or ditzy, in a likable way.

Oprah has shown that she is more of a black than she is a female. The list of out-and-out media partisanship is becoming longer every day. The unwatched Emmys demonstrated how "inappropriate remarks" have morphed into "standard DNC talking points" across the entire spectrum.

There is no Zola, or Whittaker Chambers, or even McCarthy [Joe or Gene] to stand up and say things are wrong. Not on the right anyway, as Mitch McConnell sidles over to the insufferable ["The war is already lost"] Senator Majority Leader who in turn misrepresents McCain's conversation with him.

If John McCain should possibly win, there will be a million DNC paid lawyers scurrying under rocks and across the 50 states to look for Repub iniquity.

Maybe the terrorist honored by the UN yesterday is right about the USA. Let's work to make the Iranian mini-me monster wrong.
UPDATEToday Obama said that someone else will be responsible for the Medltdown Mess in "40 days."

Is it just me under a delusion that the new president isn't sworn in until January 20th, almost four months from now? That's almost 120 days. GWB will be president until then and "responsible," unless BHO AKA Soetoro has never read the Constitution.

The MSM just swallows anything this no-CV fraud puts out there.

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