Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Palin Pitches Shutout, Hits Grand Slam Home Run In Stunning Debut

George Stephanopoulos & Diane Sawyer on ABC raved about Sarah Palin's spectacular introduction to the top rung of American politics. Okay, these two are fair & relatively experienced [never forget Sawyer worked in the Nixon WH]. Then I checked out PBS to get the truly mediocre gasbag p.o.v. Brooks did give Palin credit, though Lehrer was his usual colorless self, and the Jurassic Park Mark Shields whined about how mean she was to Obama.

What a joke! The media are crawling all over her record & bio like a column of army ants and Obama, whose relatioship with Rezko has gone entirely unexamined [let's see, a crazed state trooper who threatens to kill her husband & tasers his 11-year old stepson is subject to feverish speculaiton versus a criminal Syrian of immense wealth who started BHusseinO up the political ladder with opaque funding---no news there?]

Then two has-been Repubs from Shields' Jurassic era, Noonan & Murphy, are heard on a hot mike disparaging Palin. I wonder if Peggy now thinks Sarah ain't ready for prime time? I switched over to MSNBC just for laughs and got a bellyful. Only Pat Buchanan & Tweety were making sense---but the strange sport of nature of indeterminate gender was whining about how unfair & cruel remarks about the Obamanable Showman---how hurtful. Maybe she can visit Oprah for a cry-in. Robinson, the WaPo affirmative action figure, did allow how the speech was "okay, ok, maybe better than okay" and got all excited that the WaPo had a story in tomorrow's rag about Troopergate---be still, my heart!

The overall difference between snide KeithOdorboy & Brian Williams was that although both were completely focussed on process, and not on the "a star is born" aspect that Chris Matthews of the "shivers up my leg" fame was giving to Sarah, Williams kept a slight tilt toward MOR while KeithO simply did his odious Repub-basher routine. How the FCC lets NBC remain on air without having to report DNC guidance is beyond me.

But the females on CNN & MSNBC---not the indeterminate Maddows of DNA wild-side---like Campbell Brown & Nora O'Donnell did allow that the shots of baby Trig [without mentioning movie-star looking eldest son Track] got their maternal juices flowing. Tom Brokaw began pontificating that he saw Palin's outstanding performance coming "a few days ago" as though the Sybil had whispered it in his ear. Williams shillied and shallied because he knows he, like Obama, is much more style than substance.

Palin was at her best showing off her Eskimo-husband Todd & five adorable kids, and slipping in a stiletto deftly into the Obama hot-air balloon. How is it that he completely escapes accountability for never sponsoring a bill either in the State House or in the US Senate, yet writes two memoires? Could this gasbag be as empty as Al Gore,the guy with a D+ on his only science course who now pontificates on Science issues?

The best line of the entire night went to Rudy however, when he noted that Obama had voted "present" 130 times in the State Senate in Springfield---funny how the MSM never bring up his no-show career resume. Rudy said that he liked best about Sarah that she was a mayor. She in turn had the second best line of the night. "

"Community organizer, is that like being a mayor, but with no responsibility?"

The man with no resume versus what Krauthammer called "Obama on the other Side, a new rock-star of America's Heartland."

I can't wait to see the media try to tell the American people to just ignore their lyin' eyes!!! Sarah is for real---even Hillary has got to admire her deep down inside Hillary's Scorpio soul.

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