Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Palin a "Blue Collar Mom" Who will win PA & OH & Elsewhere for Friendless "My Friends" McCain

Adriaan Lanni and Wesley Kelman may have nailed the reason the political elites, including stuffed shirts like David Frum & David Brooks on the right, have condescended to Sarah Palin. The leftists hate her because she is a genuine small-town blue-collar woman who made it on her own, not by attaching herself to a cheatin' hubby's coattails.

Like Clarence Thomas, who disliked affirmative action, Sarah Palin dislikes feminism & its outlier lesbian man-hater doctrines [except of course if said man is a "girly-man" in the Schwartenegger phrase that describes most Dem commentators of the male persuasion.]

And unlike the political elitists who live in gilded cage ghettos, Sarah & family live in the greatest outdoors in the USA:
Their hometown may be a dingy Anchorage exurb, but it has cheap, plentiful land bordering a vast and beautiful wilderness, which is crisscrossed by Todd (the "Iron Dog" champion) and the Palin children all winter. (By comparison, in the Northeast many leisure activities are brutally segregated by income: Martha's Vineyard vs. the Poconos, the Jersey Shore vs. the Hamptons.)

Her husband is a union member who also works for an oil company, and commercial fishes during the season. And she has a biographical narrative that only the phony elites who serve as Lenin's "useful idiots" can be stupid enough to attack.
Palin certainly has more credibility than McCain to attack Democrats' economic policies. More subtly, Palin embodies a notion that Republicans can create a society like Alaska—where the culture has a heavy working-class influence, state taxes are nonexistent, economic prospects are good for people regardless of formal education, and bricklayers can make the same money as urban lawyers (and have more fun in their spare time).
While Democratic policy tries to help blue-collar workers by making it easier for them to attend college and get office jobs—that is, by encouraging them to cease to be blue-collar—Palin's Alaskan story offers hope from within the blue-collar culture. She validates the goodness of life in rural America because she has embraced a particularly exotic, turbocharged version of this life. Her biography, bound to be emphasized by Republicans, thus makes a powerful appeal to one of the country's most decisive constituencies.

Real blue collar people don't like those who consider themselves their "betters" patronizing them as Joe Biden, who long ago graduated from working class to blathering lawyer to inside-the-Beltway posterchild, and of course the superior Obamanable Showman does effortlessly. Even though their credentials are fake and Palin's are real, fighting big oil as Alaska's Oil Board Commish & corruption in a state riven by earmarked pork of colossal dimensions. She has an 80% approval rating for a reason----the tough as nails Alaskans spot a fraud a mile away and she is the real thing---unlike the ethereal Obama & his America-hating spouse. And Biden is as real as his hair-plugs.
Just to show that I'm not totally partisan, the constant repetition of "my friends" simply is beginning to wear down my patience with McCain's impulsive quirkiness. Slate has an article on previous "M-F'ers," including the inimitable chameleon-on-plaid FDR. It belongs to the age of William Jennings Bryan & tends to make John-boy look like Bob Dole, personally likeable, but unfathomably attached to tics & mannerisms that simply are off-putting if not pruned from the candidate's repertoire.

We're not asking McCain to wear earth-tones and undergo numerous personality changes like the clueless Al Gore. Just some self-editing, please. "Fellow Americans" did in LBJ & I don't want that to happen to a real American hero.


Anonymous said...

"Obamanable Showman". That is good. Very good. I hope you don't mind if I borrow that phrase sometime.. I'll have to footnote you. If you haven't read this, I think you will agree with, and enjoy the perspective.

Harpers said...

You may be beginning to enter the reality zone. You're right that lefties hate authentic people who live authentic lives, but also reject leftist patronization.

You know the difference between a hockey mum and a pit bull? It's the lipstick.