Monday, September 01, 2008

EU-nuchs Split on Response to Russian Aggression

Germany is the worst country in EU-nuch land. It's Kanzler speaks Russian & its Foreign Minister is a treasonous ex-PM named Schroeder's LEFT-hand man trying to overturn Merkel. Of course, Putin, the poisonous toad who was a KGB colonel in the GDR effectively running [ruining] that drug-addled sports empire, speaks perfect German & is able to turn this collection of drunks who occasionally make good cars into a totally befuddled mess.
Merkel's own party, the Christian Democratic Union, is pushing her to confront Russia to improve its record on human rights and democracy. Her Social Democrat coalition partners, including Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, stress dialogue over sanctions or confrontational rhetoric because they don't want to risk Germany's place as Russia's No. 1 European trading partner.

However, the Hobbits to the east of Mordor actually have spines and are far braver than the craven addicts of the worst nation of the 20th century.
To the east, however, Estonian Premier Andrus Ansip said on Aug. 26, that Georgia should be allowed to join the EU and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization ``speedily.''

And I would be even happier had PM Ansip added Ukraine to the list of NATO & EU candidates....

Has everyone forgotten that Ukraine, whose president was poisoned by Putin about three years ago & almost died, has offered NATO its missile bases to install a defense platform?

But the EU-nuchs will cower and mutter "Sieg Heil" to their German masters, who in this situation are the weakest link in the EU chain!

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