Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gallup Daily Keeps Five Point McCain Lead

The RNC bounce engineered by McCain's choice of Palin as VeeP candidate is beginning to harden and the Dems are frantically flailing and throwing mud trying to disguise the fact that Emperor Obama is devoid of clothing.

The Junior Senator from Illinois appears to have allowed Sarah Palin to have lodged somewhere between his ears---his lipstick remark was probably a subliminal Freudian slip of sorts that revealed his obsessive preoccupation with the greatest mistake of his campaign---overlooking Hillary to pick a B-List candidate for Veep, the amiable goofy Joe Biden, a lightweight who can make a political stemwinder but is hard to keep under an hour & prone to gaffes---as is Boss Barry. But if you're explaining, you are losing and meanwhile the silliest writer in the UK explains how harsh the world's verdict will be if the USA dares to elect John McCain/Sarah Palin.

Even Andy Sullivan took a time-out with his husband to get his fudge packed for a while, he was so verklempt and meshuginah over the Palin choice.

My guess is that the Obamaniacs will regroup and try to collect their senses---they've not yet recovered from being hit by the Sarah Palin freight train.

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