Monday, September 08, 2008

MSNBC Removes Olbermann, Mathhews from Anchor Duties

Howie Kurtz has a somewhat obsequious column describing the ascension of David Gregory to top political anchor at MSNoBodyCares and the welcome demotion of KO & Tweety to "analyst" status. However, continuing its bid to be lefter than the rest, the cable network has promoted a strange openly-lesbian veteran of Air America to replace Dan Abrams, a move that reflects the network's fundamental disconnect with reality.

When even a stalwart lefty like Tom Brokaw thought out loud that the cable outlets's coverage of the conventions was too biased, it appeared that the dysfunction had reached boiling point. Both the obnoxious disseminator of every liberal trope KO & the narcissistic Matthews, an aspiring political candidate for Arlen Spector's seat in PA in 2010, have simply gone over the top in favor of Obama too many times.

Matthews to his credit gave Sarah Palin well-earned kudos for her knock-out convention speech, while the surly KO noted mordantly that "people who like that sort of thing will like that speech." But KO is going back to NBC Sports after having alienated every single person at ESPN---KO happens to be as obnoxious off-air as he is on his Countdown comedy of errors.

Tucker Carlson should be put back on-air for a semblance of even-handedness, though the ideologues in charge of MSNBC are unlikely to regard that as a desirable goal. I'm just hoping Joe Scarborough takes out KO on-air, and remember to lead with your left, Joe!

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