Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sarah's Destiny Written in the Stars [and Planets]

With the conventions over, the US election has abruptly turned on a dime and gone rapidly towards McCain/Palin with independents and women now "swinging" two to one for the Republicans. I figured there had to be something astrological and sho'nuff, Sarah is an Aquarius with Gemini rising & a grand trine in the earth signs [her Capricorn moon is in the same house as her sun]. But, if that weren't enuf, RIGHT NOW, Neptune, the planet of glamour, aura, and indefinable attractive mystery, is sitting SMACK DAB on her birthdate in 20 degrees of Aquarius, giving her an irresistible attraction that for the next month or so will make people be drawn to her as though by magnetic force. She is being elevated by Neptune [which was prominent in charts of stars like Marilyn Monroe].

And to sum it all up, Aquarius is the sign where the moon is for July 4, 1776 & for the ratification of the US constitution in 1787----the US birth chart is attracted to Aquarius types [Babe Ruth, Abe Lincoln, FDR, Ronald Reagan] ] as if by magic. And if that all weren't enuf, Sarah's personal Neptune on her birth chart is in the middle of Scorpio, which gives her an indefinable sexual attractiveness particularly appealing to Americans, since voting day is on the day of her natal Neptune in Scorpio [Nov 4, '08].
Astrologically, this appears to be one of those cosmic configurations---ten years ago she was head of a PTA & just got elected mayor of a town of 7000, took on the Repub crooks in Juneau, beat the incumbent Repub gov in a primary, became guv, and is probably going to be the first female VP.

Scorpio Hillary is probably eating her tiny deformed heart out. [BTW, I watched Sarah Palin's speech live and aside from a speech of MLK's, it was THE BEST SPEECH I'VE EVER HEARD, at least for timing and sheer nuanced stiletto-in-the-heart while smiling. She is what they used to call a "force of nature." Sort of like Napoleon in stiletto heels. Neptune was his strongest chart indicator, too. [And Bonaparte also had moon in Capricorn, which gives incredible endurance.]

I'm so happy a BBC poll has 22 different countries that prefer Obama. So happy they don't get to vote on our future. I think the US is the best place in the world for all our faults---so do Eastern European countries formerly under the USSR, which strangely weren't polled by the BBC. Wonder why?!

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