Monday, September 29, 2008

Serial Moron Al Gore Takes Aim at Coal

The WSJ outs the criminal conspiracy that the Dems are hatching with the greenie tree-hugger mafia to shut down the construction of new clean coal plants. The USA is the Saudi Arabia of coal, with enuf to sustain economic prosperity in an environmentally friendly fashion for the next century---if the Leftist Luddites can be stopped. Their obvous goal is a nihilistic destruction of any advanced industrial development and they are the ghost in the economic machine conspiring to throw an iron bar into its gears:
The greens loathe coal because of greenhouse gases -- and have succeeded in making new coal plants nearly impossible to build. More than 60 have been canceled in the last year alone. Democratic Governor Kathleen Sebelius is waging a high-profile campaign against new coal plants in Kansas, and only last week Joe Biden seemed to endorse a coal ban.

Perhaps James Hansen has also paid Mr. Gore a visit at Walden Pond. The NASA scientist and influential global warming swami recently testified on behalf of the "Kingsnorth Six," Greenpeace activists who caused £30,000 of criminal damage at an English coal utility while attempting to shut it down. Mr. Hansen argued they had a "lawful excuse" because of the imminence of climate doom; they were acquitted. Coming from figures who hold the public trust, such rhetoric is wildly irresponsible, not least for the fanaticism and even violence it could incite.

Mr. Gore's blessing is even more bizarre because it defeats the cause that it claims to champion on its own terms. New U.S. coal plants use modern scrubbing technology, which means less traditional air pollution. They're also far more efficient -- that is, they get more energy out of the same amount of coal (i.e., carbon) compared to older models. Often this results in power companies mothballing parts of a more carbon-intensive fleet.

Of course, the WSJ is either naive or tongue-in-cheek if they don't read between the lines and discern the nihilistic anarchists' recipes for the poisonous brew that witless crones like Pelosi and Sebelius in Kansas lap up like the bitch-puppies they are.

Gore is a guy who got a D+ in the only science grade investigative journalists can glean from his college transcripts!

Gore is leading another "childrens' crusade" into certain criminality, such as the insanity in the UK.

And Gore is proving again what a great favor the state of Florida [guided by Swamp-Thing Reno in her exportation of Elian Gonzales to the People's Paradise of Cuba] did for the USA did to keep this blundering fool from the presidency.

God bless and thank Florida for Now and Forever Amen!

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knowitall said...

This guy has not gotten over the fact that he didn't win eight years ago. He's is trying his best to stick around somehow, even if it's as an evironmental extremist illuminati.