Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Palin Outs Obama as 'Community Organizer' Right out of Alinsky Playbook

IBD has an excellent editorial on Saul Alinsky's "rules for radicals" that Hillary Clinton did her thesis on at Wellesley and Obama soaked through his skin nursing grievances at Columbia. Actually, it started with Marx on economics and Nietzsche on ressentiment and continues to this day through traitors like Bill Ayers who somehow got $100 million for The Annenberg Project and persuaded Barack Obama to be its chair.

Barack is a sort of Stealth-CheGuevara---a specimen of a sportsman connoisseur radical sneaking into the presidency under the radar by following the Chicago-tough Alinsky's road rules. Of which IBD gives a handy-dandy summary:
• Rule: "Rub raw the resentments of the people; search out controversy and issues." In the mortgage meltdown, for instance, Obama vows to prosecute "predatory lenders" for "abusing" minority borrowers. He's also stoking class resentment by painting Wall Street and other executives as villains.
• Rule: "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it." In an ad to woo Hispanic voters, Obama demonized Rush Limbaugh by falsely claiming he made racist statements against immigrants.
• Rule: "A mass impression can be lasting and intimidating." This explains why Obama moved his acceptance speech to a football stadium and bussed in 85,000 supporters. Alinsky's son was so impressed, he praised Obama for learning his father's "lesson well."
• Rule: "Multiple issues mean constant action and life" for the cause. This is why Obama never harps on one issue, as Hillary did with health care. His platform is packed with grievances from "economic justice" to "reproductive justice" to "environmental justice."

But thanks be to God there's some people who are on to Obama's trickster head fakes:
Obama is following almost to the letter the blueprint for socialist revolution drafted by the father of community organizing.
While Alinsky may help him behind the scenes, however, he becomes a liability when brought out of the shadows. Sarah Palin proved this in St. Paul when she ridiculed his community organizing. Within hours, Obama surrogates whined about how just bringing up the phrase was racist code for "black."
No, it's code for communist. And McCain should make that point instead of legitimizing such radicalism, as he did recently when he said, "I respect community organizers; and Sen. Obama's record there is outstanding" — which contradicted his running mate.
There's nothing to respect about such anti-American radicals, even if they have traded their tie-dye for business ties.

Alinsky of course, dedicated his book to his patron "saint:"
Obama doesn't look or talk like an angry radical. He speaks in measured tones and is rarely seen out of business attire. That, too, is borrowed from Alinsky's playbook. "Don't scare" the middle class, he guides urban revolutionaries in his 1970s manual, "Rules for Radicals" (which he dedicated to mankind's "first radical, Lucifer").

"Dare to cheat, dare to win" is what my houseguest at an Ann Arbor SDS conference told me in '69, a guy named Mark Rudd who was the chief agitator at Columbia U. in '68 and made the cover of Time magazine.

I'll bet that could be Obama's motto in '08, one he learned while he was [ostensibly, as we have no transcript or thesis] at Columbia U. during the Reagan years---his own little Communist renaissance in the making.

Sarah should ask him about his mystery days on Morningside Heights---maybe he was just a ghost hanging out, a sort of Shining...........

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