Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hitchens on Bernard-Henri Levi [And Vice Versa]

BHL is a well-known French intellectual---a sort of new Raymond Aron or Henri Servan-Schrieber---who has become more than just another dreary bore on the French left.

This article has enough meat for more than just gnawing. I do like Hitchens' pointing out "Orwell’s remark that it’s not enough to be antifascist; one must also be in principle antitotalitarian."

The same paper has a clown named Victor Navasky claim that evidence that the Rosenbergs were guilty isn't important, but that government is to blame. With "useful idiots" like Navasky around, it is comfortable to see that the US can support a totalitarian even when he lies about the USG----oh, BTW, this clown is editor of The Nation & on the CSJ Pulitzer Committee, in case you ever believe Pulitzers might be awarded for actual investigative reporting.

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