Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Can McCain rise to the challenge?

Victor Davis Hanson sums up the quandry facing the country.
The stage is set for someone to play Washington, Lincoln, or Churchill. An entire generation of leadership is failing, as the world watches aghast.

Paulson was more or less discredited when the word that when the FedNY Bank was considering a bailout of AIG, which Goldman Sachs had a $20 billion stake in, the only non-govt. participant in a closed meeting was the Chairman of Goldman, who succeeded Paulson in the job. Two weeks later, AIG got an $80 billion line of credit from Paulson. Hmmm........

Frank and Dodd are, as Hanson notes, for all intents and purposes what I would call "unindicted co-conspirators" and should be under investigation by the FBI [while not forgetting Obama advisors Raines & Johnson].

GWB is in hedgehog mode, and is remiss in that when he proposed reforms in '04-05, he didn't go to the country against the utterly corrupt DNC mafia that was using FanFred as an ATM. Instead, he courted "popularity" by plumping for Social Security reform, and was drowned out by a corrupt old bitch in the House who said he was trying to wreck SS. The same corrupt hag is now the worst Speaker in US history and demonstrates why Congress has a 10% approval rating, soon to plunge to low single digits.

As a WSJ writer noted yesterday, Chile worked its way out of its collapse using the U of Chicago economist Milton Friedman's nostrums.

Is a "workout" rather than a "bailout" the answer?

Can McCain rise to the challenge?

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knowitall said...

He will rise to the challenge, as history has proven. However, his opponent has not risen to any challenge, because he hasn't been faced with any. He just sides with whatever the liberal illuminati say, and that's where his experience starts and ends.