Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pew's Latest Numbers Show McCain/Palin Boost

"Levitation" might be the best way to describe the Palin Effect on the McCain Campaign.

The hyperventilating hyperbolic excesses of the ultra-left blogosphere and MSNBC & its NBC colleagues have only served to make white women and Catholics move dramatically toward McCain & away from Barack. Even the independents have moved markedly in the direction of the Change/Reform ticket & away from the Hope/Change mantra.

Unless BHO can get Sarah out of his melon & stop the lipstick references, which might have been a snarky stand-up line or a Freudian slip, but had negative effects on his image [recalling his flipping Hillary the bird way back in one of the debates] & making him seem fearful of strong women.

The Pew numbers demonstrate that the Dems are in a mild tailspin & had better start soon to pull out of their aeronautical mistake before it becomes a nosedive.

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