Thursday, September 04, 2008

Nielsen Flash! 37.2 million watch Sarah Deconstruct The Empty Suit

Sarah Blows away the Obamanable Showman and the Dems are collectively releasing ginormous amounts of what they are full of, while quickly contributing to Obama who broke his promise on public funding.

Dare to lie, cheat and steal, they think, and that might give them a shot even after Sarah showed what a poseur their no-resume community activist remains in the eyes of the American people---at least the ones who work and pay taxes!

I was a community organizer once in a housing project named Pruitt-Igoe in St. Louis. Google the name to find out P-I's well-earned fate!

Sarah will field dress this moose & his loony tune promise-breakers who want to tax & spend & turn the USG into a giant ATM.

I am going to enjoy watching the process.

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GW said...

Hello Dave. After including the PBS numbers, over 40 million watched the Palin speech. 38.9 watched McCain. Obama and the left are going nuts trying to fiure out how to stop Palin. It is the fierce urgency of how.