Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good View of Europe's Descent into The Maelstrom

Bruce Bawer is the author of While Europe Slept and has a terrific article in Pajamas Media on how EU-nuchland and its choirboy chorus of castrati in the US is steadfastly ignoring the creeping advance of Islam as it infects inner cities in the Midlands & Yorkshire dales and the banlieux of Paris, not to mention a couple of hundred other French cities where thousands of cars were torched a summer ago by rioting reactionary nutjobs who are as French as couscous & kebabs. [Of course, EU-nuchs in high positions in govt & media are also ignoring "Vlad the Empoisoner" Putin on the energy front, but that's a subject for another day.]

I was a US diplomat who learned Arabic to a high level of proficiency in reading & speaking and was posted to two Arab countries where I served as a political officer. One of them is no longer a country [Lebanon, which was a member of the Arab League until it was hijacked by Hezbollah, an Iranian Shi'ite group of militias with no real "Arab" ties] and might serve as an object lesson of what happens when a political system breaks down—the majority becomes a slave to a violent reactionary militant minority. [As a footnote, when western travellers reached remote parts of the Sanjuk of Al Quds in the late 18th c., the use of the wheel had been abandoned/forgotten & natives used the native American travois to haul their produce to whatever markets existed, this 5000 yrs after their forebears had invented the wheel!]

The other, Saudi Arabia, has a family whose profession was robbing caravans on pilgrimages to Mecca before a religious zealot named Wahhab made a pact with them to be Koran & sword to a land totally asleep for centuries. They haven’t changed a bit between the ears, though they profess otherwise, and are basically a rentier economy. And instead of pilgrimage caravans, they hold up EU-nuchland and the US for trillions in oil money derived from technology we virtually handed them while saying sorry for the invasion of your privacy.

I've visited every Arab League member save Djibouti, Iraq, and Libya [and was invited to the latter two, but declined!] I've visited Pakistan in three of its four provinces, including Azad Kashmir and have visited Indonesia for several weeks. Although Obama is listed as a Muslim on a school form his father, a Mr. Soetoro, filled out, I discount this as not counting much because when I was there [perhaps at the same time Barry Soetoro was in an Islamic school, there was nothing toxic about the local brand of Islam, which lay in dormition. It's not a real issue, although BHO was sponsored for Harvard Law by a fellow who later switched his name to Khalid Mohammed [LNU]. And Louis Farrakhan's brand of islam, which young Barry was exposed to, is basically a self-help program with anti-Semitic overtones. Being in the Million Man March doesn't make BHO a bad dude.

I simply resent the ostrich-like posture of the left, so afraid to offend noisy new arrivals and so eager to discount or mock loyal Americans with a legitimate concern that their Constitution and Bill Of Rights will slowly, as the EU-nuch representative from Sweden to a conference Bawer attended said, disappear from neglect and forgetting how the US became the greatest country in the world.

Which it will remain unless and until it is hijacked by high-minded highbrows who disdain the hard-working majority of Americans and pander/cater/submit to the screeching riffraff [Sarkozy called them "racaille," a variation of canaille, who reflect what one belle etudiante francaise held up on a placard during the student strikes a few years ago "No matter how much you give us, it will never be enough and we'll demand much much more."

Pretty much sums up the mentality of the left.

As Donald Trump noted yesterday, the only silver lining in the US meltdown is that oil prices are slumping and will continue to slump until we wring out the bloated inflammation that infests the US economic GI tract.

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knowitall said...

No, they will continue to soar as long as we stay dependant on foreign oil. Palin has a plan, and we should follow it. It is the left-wing and other liberal illuminati who want to ban drilling. Well now they're changing their tunes because it's election time.