Thursday, June 26, 2008

Could McCain Lose on "Comprehensive" Immigration Issue?

Mickey Kaus notes that perhaps the most Republican Congressional District in the country has seen six-time incumbent Chris Cannon lose in part because:
outside interest groups excoriated Cannon for his relatively moderate views on immigration

John McCain simply is not gaining traction with the Republican base, which Karl Rove believed was the pivotal key to winning in 2000 & 2004.

As Obama moves toward the center on issues such as FISA & the "Fairness Doctrine" from the left, McCain simply looks a bit like a "me too" Mugwump straddling the center which both candidates covet. But if the rock-ribbed Republicans reject this lukewarm approach of McCain, what are the chances that he will surmount the challenge of change and enthusiasm that Obama brings to the fight?

The primary in Utah may indicate that the huge poll majorities against the comprehensive immigration reform & amnesty last summer when McCain was fashioning his compromise still may be out there, waiting to be energized.

Illegal immigration may be McCain's only chance to stir up the Republican base, which wants no part of yet another amnesty fiasco.

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Anonymous said...

juan mccain will be happy to lose to save amnesty--------its the one thing he has consistently went to bat for

I'll never get over the fact these two duds are the candidates due to liberal states being "winner-take-all" primaries and the dilution of the fields via multiple candidates. McCain only got about 30 percent of the total votes cast, and yet there the son of a bitch is.............the nominee that people despise.