Friday, June 20, 2008

Norah O'Donnell, do you still think Obama stands for "Change?"

Barry Hussein-O has changed his mind [?] on public funding, after fulsomely projecting vaporous exhalations on how important public election funding was and promising to adhere to public funding.

Now he piously proclaims that the higher road would be to combat the evil Repubs by "small donations" in a private manner.

If this wasn't such a pious hypocritical fraudulent example of opportunism, maybe Norah of MSNBC could still maintain that Barry H-O was the candidate for "change." At least that's what higher minds [meaning almost all minds] have instilled in this gullible young woman.

Just to compound the felony, I'm watching the Dems mincing and prancing in their futile attempts to lobby against offshore drilling [& ANWR]. This after the bleats of GWB that it would really be nice if the Dems allowed drilling offshore. They keep saying that new drilling in the US will not bring prices down [wrong, the speculative surge in NYMEX & the hedge funds would reverse immediately if the US announced drilling] and that it will take years and years to get [the Dems are the party of instant gratification, personified by POTUS #42] and that alternative renewable sources will appear, like a deus ex machina, to save our energy butts.

The problem is that although energy drilling would be a perfect policy plus for McCain, he is apparently becoming tone deaf, clubfooted and has simultaneously developed an alarming facial tic masquerading as a smile while doing spectacularly silly things like praising NAFTA in Canada. The guy is irrepressibly wrong-footed since he wrapped up the nomination.

Karl Rove, where are you when you are really needed?

So don't expect McCain to press his advantage on energy or the few other policy areas where he is ahead of Obama. I think that somewhere along the line, an old-people gene kicked into gear and is now afflicting him as he pushes forward into full campaign mode.

I watched Bill Richardson, whom I used to consult when I was International Editor of The Oil Daily {Richardson was on the Commerce Cte which oversaw energy issues] whoring after the vice-presidency on FoxNEWS by lubriciously lusting after drilling on land [New Mexico, a major oil producer?] while denying the necessity of drilling offshore or in ANWR.

Bill, it ain't worth it. You used to make sense on energy issues---you actually understand the need. Charlie Crist did the same in FL in whoring after the VEEP slot for McCain, but two wrongs don't make a right!

But Barry Hussein-O sure is showing that wrong might be more useful politically.

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