Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nutjob Archbishop of Canterbury Declared Heresiarch!

60 Million Anglicans out of the world's estimated 77 million declared in effect that they were in schism with the gay vicars of London & the Church's original homeland.

Of course, they papered over the actual rupture of relations with "church within a church" flimflammery, but Rowan Williams continued idiocy and ridiculous doctrinal silliness caused previous strains to finally crack the Church in a North-South divide.

In the US & Canada, the battle will be materialistic, with precious real estate like St. Bart's on Park Avenue just one example of how valuable Episcopalian assets are in the USA. Who controls the churches will vary, but traditional Christians will predictably give the zany New-Ager gays a good run for control of the American church.

Catholics may have a similar problem, but noone anywhere in the Roman Church is nearly as disruptive as thoughtless Rowan W. and his coterie of catamites.

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