Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dems Now Believe Politics is Illegal---when Conservatives Practice it.

Eric Lichtblau has an article about the "illegal" hiring of Justice Dept lawyers who are, hold your ears & close your eyes, CONSERVATIVE.

As with about a dozen process crimes uncovered by zealous morons like Daniel Patrick Fitzpatrick [who was aware the Plame leak was from the State Dept before he launched his Special Prosecutor prove that snared Scooter Libby in a meaningless process crime], the Dems are overinfested with cretinous vicious creatures called lawyers, who chase ambulances and their own tails to find something to occupy their useless lives.

Janet Reno is a prime example, and due to this swamp creature's zealous pursuit of Elian Gonsales, Florida went for GWB in 2000. So the Dems keep shooting themselves in the foot, and when McCain wins in November, you can bet that double-digit IQ idiots like Barbara Boxer will call for the Ninth Circus Court to review the voting in Ohio.

BTW, the Dems started the "spoils system" back in the days of a criminal POTUS named Andy Jackson, who overruled SCOTUS by not enforcing laws & decisions, including the eviction of the Cherokee Nation to Oklahoma. There's a clown that should have been impeached.

Politics & the spoils system is only wrong when the Republicans practice it.

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