Saturday, June 21, 2008

Egyptian "Culture" Minister Equivocates on Book Burning, May Lose UNESCO Job!

Arabs have a big problem with knowledge. Their social/cultural tradition of first-cousin marriage has seriously diluted their brainpower over the centuries, much as has happened in the hills of KY, AR, & some other parts of Appalachia. Imagine this process working over ten centuries!

Seriously, for the UN to consider Egyptian "Culture Minister" Farouk Hosni after he publicly advocated burning Israeli books demonstrates once again how the UN is captive to the lowest common denominator of political chicanery. Of course, Mr. Hosni probably was engaging in the sort of demagoguery that characterizes the supremely degenerate Arab political world. Fanatical reactionary male supremacists who regard women as chattel [The Muslim Brotherhood] had confronted Hosni in Parliament, and Hosni demonstrated the spineless degenerate response that characterizes Egyptian politics.

Now he has recanted in various international forums, but the Brotherhood leadership has found this out, leaving Hosni with a foot in the boat and one on the dock while the boat drifts seaward. Lotsa luck!

Sadly, there are American politicos who believe that a president like Jimmy Carter, who debased himself by becoming the Israeli/Egyptian desk officers in NEA during the Camp David fiasco, is the precedent for more progress in bridging the gap between the Arab savages and Israeli nasties. A conflict between ignorance and rudeness.

The US is the only power that can protect Israel's sovereignty and simultaneously support Arab aspirations for an independent Palestine----but as Condi Rice demonstrated by insisting that a terrorist political entity like Hamas participate in the 2006 elections, presumptions of good faith are simply simple-minded.

And the UN is not the answer either. Mr. Moon may be a sincere and competent Sec'y Gen, but following in the footsteps of two failures in that job, he has a ginormous mountain to climb.

Now that Iran is illegally creating an atomic device while the cringing IAEA moron Mohamed Baradei knowingly collaborates with the Islamic Republic in getting this device constructed without international interference, it is time for Israel to grasp the nettle and do what the US did in Iraq, enforce a treaty by military means when it is broken [in this case, the NPT].

I hope the exercises over the Mediterranean were a prelude to another Osirak raid. Iran & Syria are attacking Israel through its catspaws Hezbollah & Hamas. Retaliation at the source is appropriate. Just as Israel knocked out the nascent reactor in eastern Syria, the time has come to destroy Iran's centrifuges.

After a successful attack by Israel, the ensuing claptrappery from the UN & the EU-nuchs [who fancy themselves acting as intermediaries to entice Iran away from nuke-building] is to be expected. It is as unimportant as it is ineffectual.

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