Monday, June 23, 2008

What if McCain had Attended a David Duke Rally?

The American Spectator does a "thought experiment" about the reaction to a hypothetical McCain visit to a David Duke rally and imagined the hysterical reaction of the ultra-left MSM.

However, Louis Farrakhan is regarded as the black mirror image of David Duke by many observers---his anti-Semitism is notorious and unbridled. Barack Obama attended his "million-man march" in 1995 and has been given a pass and completely "forgiven" by the MSM, which doesn't mention nor even bother to investigate what might have been a serious dalliance with the Jew-baiting demagogue Farrakhan.

Read the article, and one more instance of the complete lack of professionalism by the MSM, which has not investigated Obama & has given him dozens of free passes, as they have his wife, who complained on 60 Minutes in 2007 that her husband might be killed because he was "a black man and black men get killed every day going to a gas station," words that weren't brought up when Hillary raised a ginormous firestorm by the Obamessiah MSM when she mentioned RFK's murder in '68.

The USA does not have a free press in any objective sense of the term.

Aside from a few outliers like FoxNEWS and the WSJ, the national media is completely in the tank for the Obamessiah.

Stuck on Stupid, and preachy when their hype and agitprop is exposed, that's the MSM.

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