Friday, June 13, 2008

NBA Exciting as Refs Fail to Throw Game to Lakers

Larry Stern doth protest too much. My title above is only a bit facetious as the first quarter appeared to be going the Lakers' with a bit pf assistance from the calls by the ref.

Then I saw Paul Pierce get called on a dubious defensive foul and then immediately hit again on a dubious offensive foul, as if the refs were trying to keep him from completely the amazing comeback the Celtics had been fashioning against the Lakers. But finally my paranoia eased a bit when I realized that Kobe was also being called for fouls, though his were pretty obvious.

Finally, I realized that some games are played at such a superior level that refs can't really influence the outcome. Thankfully, the Celtics played at this level the second half and now I can hope that Boston will get its 17th Championship.

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