Thursday, June 19, 2008

Has GWB Finally Lost His Nerve?

The Wall Street Journal has an editorial which highlights GWB's hesitant push for offshore drilling & ANWR. Which reminds me of something that Rush Limbaugh said yesterday about why Bush is so unpopular even with Republicans. Rush noted that when Bush is attacked, he simply goes into hedgehog mode and does not retaliate. Whether this is from a turn-the-other-cheek version of Christianity or because he is so inept in articulating counterattacks. Either way, he has become a punching bag.

And just as he is constitutionally unable to retaliate against countless slanders and attacks, he is also unable to project any sort of confidence or vision of an alternative to the socialist nonsense of the ultra-left morons attacking him.

Sadly, even after almost eight years, Bush has not asserted himself as a true political player. He inspires no fear, but for some reason, does inspire extreme loathing on the left----although this might be projecting their own evil onto others.

Sadly, he is in a quarterback job, but appears to have never graduated beyond his cheerleading role in prep school.

And his own pusillanimity has dragged the Republican Party into an intolerable mess.

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GW said...

You could not be more dead on point in your anaysis, Dave. Bush's refusal to respond - even to respond ineffectively to attacks - has been the achilles heel of conservatives over the past eight years. And the left has been firing poisoned arrows into that heel daily.