Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's all everybody's fault, except for the victims.

The WaPo DNC Talking Points has an article which pre-emptively blames America if Obama should happen to lose. The fingerpointers inside the Beltway note that there is a high rate of "racism" out there that the social engineers haven't been able to eradicate. Could it have anything to do with the cult of criminality propagated by hip-hop black musicians---naw! that would be realism and the fact that so many blacks are behind bars is because of flaws in everything except the black community and its perverted values.

Laura Ingraham had a double-digit IQ moron as a guest, a radio talk show host from Portland, OR. She didn't slap his silly assertions silly as I would have, but with a quiet sardonic tone simply shredded this clowns cred to pieces.

The Dems are going to lose this election again because of their flawed view of politics, which is based on identity and micro-managed hyper-nerd flimflammery. Plus their flawed view of human nature, which is based on Rousseau's Panglossian kumbaya schmaltz instead of the intrinsic evil nature of humans without strict governance.

Unless McCain lurches even further into silly second-rate attempts to sidle left until he becomes unpalatable for anyone with a backbone. One of which he used to possess.

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