Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dems Ready to Plunge Into Insanity---Lies, Damned Lies, and "Progressive" Degeneration

Kimberley Strassel sounds the alarm about the demise of the New Democrats, the centrist reaction that I would argue started with Jimmy Carter until he botched everything he touched, then had a renaissance with Bill Clinton, who implemented many centrist reforms while stumbling into perpetual personal peccadillos.

Carter was a reaction to McGovern's antinomian candidacy [which still survives on the Dem ultra-left lawyerly illegality wing] and Clinton an attempt to apply post-Cold War isolationism [except for Kosovo] to a New World Order that GHWB couldn't implement. As a result, Islamic terrorism burgeoned as the botched WTC 1993 attempt gave the Al Qaeda the impression that they could get away with another attack on the USA [after warmups on Al Khobar barracks, the '98 attacks on Nairobi & Dar Es Salaam Embassies & the USS Cole elicited no Clintonian response worthy of the name].

But the USA has been systematically dumbed down by a combination of corrupt unions, litigious lawyers working a corrupt judiciary, and special interest groups with no higher view of the national good [Sierra Club,, ACLU, etc.] than to cede to international organizations our remaining sovereignties and entrust our safety to the UN. Our failing public schools are aided and abetted in their efforts to weaken the national fiber by diminishing males, outlawing contact sports, and teaching ridiculous nutjob social engineering theses rather than the "Three 'R's." The corrupt judiciary watches the back of the corrupt teachers' unions who are donating millions to Obama's campaign to free them from restraints and protect them from vouchers to schools that disseminate knowledge rather than impose ideologies. Here's Kimberley:
Mr. Obama calls for an immediate pullout of troops from Iraq, no matter what the consequences. His foreign policy, to the extent it is one, flows not from strength, but from greater American accommodation in the name of diplomacy. Mrs. Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have together held some 72 votes on Iraq, most devoted to cutting off troop money, blocking the surge, or forcing a pullout. Last year, all but 10 House Democrats voted for a withdrawal timeline.

Economic centrism? What's that? Even Mr. Clinton's wife disavowed his New Democratic legacy by trashing free trade and Nafta. Mr. Obama raised her bet, aligning himself with leftist trade populists. The Democratic leadership has held up deals with Colombia, Peru and South Korea. Big Labor is calling the shots, and Big Labor will suffer no new trade.

Mr. Obama is hawking a tax policy that would take the nation back to the effective marginal tax rates of the Carter days. He wants to further tax income, payroll, capital gains, dividends and death. His philosophy is pure redistribution. Congressional Democrats voted for a budget that includes the largest tax hike in American history.

About all that remains of the New Democratic economic agenda is the mantra of "fiscal discipline." But since taking power, Democrats have passed spending bills far beyond President Bush's limits, and broken their own "pay-as-you-go" rules. The party's Blue Dogs have fought its leaders on some spending, though not when it risks derailing, say, farm bills. Mr. Obama recently revealed that his plan for economic recovery was to spend the nation out of its doldrums.

The one place where New Democrats have made a more lasting mark is on the culture. The party leadership has seen the wisdom of relaxing litmus tests on guns and abortion, a change that in 2006 let them field candidates who won conservative districts. But even here, Mr. Obama is a skeptic. He's said he'd repeal the Defense of Marriage Act – which Bill Clinton signed. He's criticized the Supreme Court for upholding the partial-birth abortion ban.

As Obama shows that the "change" part of his agenda will likely mean a swerve to the farthest left that this country can assimilate without a reactionary repudiation in 2012, it is useless to murmur as some "hopeful" Repubs do that Obama is really only a Chicago machine politician with an intellectual veneer. Perhaps rather he is an intellectual with machine-pol brutal unaccountability. His spouse's egregious remarks in the past have revealed the undercurrent of Nietzschean perspectivism or post-modern contextualism infused with more than a tincture of old-fashioned vengeance that domestically will lead to class warfare. The envy of the unlucky & the incompetent toward those who have succeeded is one of the driving forces behind the revanchism of the ultra-left.

Self-destruction is another and we can rest assured that if Obama applies his policies, the US constitution will surmount his four years of misrule despite Dem attempts to shut down opposition voices---in the true tradition of international leftism---and a Republican will be elected in 2012. The four years of Carter-incompetence led to eight years of political sanity.

Or the Dems might overturn plebiscites and referendums with apodictic twaddle from the corrupt Ninth Circus Court where all the loons in the lower '48 file all sorts of zany petitions that laws or referenda are "unconstitutional." If Chief Judge Kozinski can pull himself away from his porn collection long enough to issue daffy rulings that will be overturned by the SCOTUS [unless Obama appoints a successor to Stevens as bats**t ca-raaazy 180 away from his track record as GHWB's appointment of Souter.] Whatever bad GWB has done, it doesn't approach the ninny status of his daddy's appointment of Souter. Wonder what lonely northwoods bachelor Souter's porn collection looks like.

So we know that Obama would try to institutionalize the corrupt ascendancy of teachers' unions teaching anarchy and abolish NAFTA & effectively oppose economic globalization while all the while refusing to defend American sovereignty from NGOs like the UN, which dearly wants to become a government, a World Government.

That's the only reason that I will, reluctantly, pull the lever for McCain.

This year's election is a Hobson's Choice.

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