Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hey, Ohio, How You Like Them Endives with Brie Spears?

Overweening Arrogance Matched with Absolute Ignorance typifies the Hollyweird Liberal----whether it's Babs Streisand sending misspelled misquotes from the Bard into the blogosphere or high-school dropouts like Sean Penn peppering the airwaves with obscenities.

Obama's Hollyweird whackjob supporters may have the same effect on his candidacy as Nicholson, Di Caprio & ilk had on Kobe's Lakers---a feeling of entitlement sadly out of focus with reality.

Tom Bevan is right on the money---Obama 'd better scarf down dawgs & suds with the Reagan Democrats or he may lose Ohio, and maybe even Pennsylvania---full of them bitter folks clinging to outmoded flyover concepts like religion & guns.

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