Thursday, June 12, 2008

WSJNBC Poll Omits Blacks, "Bradley Effect"

The Wall Street Journal has a sane commentary on the latest poll it did in concert with in-the-tank-for-Obama NBC.

Interestingly, the poll lists every ethnic, gender and economic subgroup in the country: whites women men Hispanics suburban bluecollar, etc, except one:

THE BLACKS who are 99% for Obama.

Funny how they left that out.

And of course, being PC means that political realities in polling such as the so-called "Bradley Effect" in which pollsters are dishonestly told that a voter will vote for a black candidate because of a desire not to appear bigoted----that is too real for the ephemeral cloud-cuckoo methodologies of pollsters, whose main goals are often to elect the candidate of their choice---in NBC's case, Obama.

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