Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kosinski Disgusts even the LA Times

Disgusting PervMag [warning: link has disgusting ads flashing on side of article] castigates the LAT for being too boringly legal! To praise Judge Kosinski for recusing himself in a case where "the values he has fought for all his life" are in jeopardy, according to DPMag, is vewy, vewy wong.

I think everyone reading this piece agrees that the Ninth Circus Court is an acid trip gone horribly bad. And Kozinski is in charge of distribution of bad acid to that Cuckoo's Nest, so any humiliation & bring-down of this egregious Court Jester is well-earned. Nurse Ratchett is sorely needed for cases like Judge K's.

Sadly, it shows just how out of synch CA has become---no longer a bellwether, but a belfry full of bats.

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