Monday, June 23, 2008

Obama's Broken Campaign Funding Promise? Not Worthy of Mention.

John Dickerson manages to get an entire article in Slate about McCain changing his mind and policies without breathing a word about the colossal reversal that Obama made after over a decade of praising the virtues of public funding. This cynical machine pol was counting on a degenerate corrupt MSM to glide past and ease over the gigantic reversal of his lifelong interest in reform. [To give credit where it is due, Mark Shields & Bob Schieffer are in full hue and cry.]

Pretty boy Dickerson has no ethics, morals, or shame when it comes to journalistic fairness. Here is the entirely plausible first paragraph:
I felt as though I were in a time machine as I listened to John McCain's aides detail how to run against Barack Obama. I could have been on the phone with Bush aides in 2000 talking about McCain: He survives on the strength of his rhetoric; the press that follows him each day doesn't challenge him but serves merely to record his historic rise; the standards of coverage for the two candidates are different.

And in the second and all succeeding paragraphs, Dickerson demonstrates his total adherence to the truth of the words in italics above. In the background as I write this is a repeat of Bob Schieffer's dressing down of Bill Richardson as BR whores after the VEEP job & Carly Fiorina sounds much smarter and more articulate than Richardson, whom this campaign has diminished greatly in my and the public's mind.

I wonder if any of the Democratic candidates this year have ever participated in the public marketplace except as manipulative politicians? All the Dem candidates are/were lawyers and are simply dishonest to the core, as Chris Dodd revealed last week [interestingly Dodd's Senator dad was CENSURED by the Senate for dipping into campaign funds back in the day when Senators had a sense of ethics and accountability].

BTW, the word "lawyer" is cognate with "liar."


Americaneocon said...

WSJ today argued that McCain got what he deserved on campaign finance, and if McCain gets penalized and forced to stay in public financing while Obama raises unliminted funding in the general, he had it coming.


dave in boca said...

I think that Obama's switcheroo demonstrates his fundamental phoniness, no matter how confused ol' Johnny Mac has been.