Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Foreign Relations Fumbler [Headline of NYC Tabloid]

I'd much rather have Romney in the Oval Office than Obama. As a former FSO Arabist, the record of Obama cannot be exceeded for amateurish incompetence, including the touted-by-the-US-media Hillary Clinton. Why wasn't there a special level of high alert for the 9/11 anniversary? And the incompetent staffing leading up to sending Amb. Stevens to Benghazi on that day, in a Consulate guarded almost completely by local police & militia units, in astounding. Add to all that the Egyptian Embassy jejune imbecilic censuring of a YouTube film which nobody in the Embassy had seen and not even mentioning the Bill of Rights protection of free speech. And a zany ditz of an Ambassador who does not allow the Marine Guard to have access to live ammunition. Is this a Clown Posse running the State Dept? For the New York Times to condemn Romney instead of the First Bumbler Obama is unconscionable.

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