Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mormon or Muslim: What's the Difference?

Bret Stephans has an interesting answer. Mormons don't kill those who insult their religion. As a former FSO Arabist, I know the major difference----not that Muslims do, of course they do because most are uneducated savages living in squalor both moral and physical. The major difference is that Mormons don't live in a dozen countries sitting on large deposits of oil and natural gas.


And sadly, Dorothy Rabinowitz should be perhaps sent out to pasture. Maybe it's just me, but her writing style reeks of the salon rather than the saloon, which is where most of the wordslingers hang out nowadays. Doubtless, she'd say it's beneath her dignity, but unlike the white-gloved Peggy Noonan, also an old-timey type, she utterly plods through her editorial junkets, as if she's paddling upstream.

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