Monday, September 24, 2012

CNN Pushes Back In Fight With State Department; Clinton Spokesman Tells Reporter To 'F--k- Off'

HRClinton's State Department is flailing desperately to avoid manifesting more incredible malfeasance in the 9/11 fiascos in Egypt & Libya. The ensuing firestorm in 20+ US embassies overseas was as much because of backstage AQ & other terrorist groups as a "movie" less than 15 minutes long that had been on YouTube since June. And "coincidentally" was "discovered" by certain "imams" only a week before the 9/11 anniversary. The foolish stupidity of the various intelligence agencies, including the vaunted CIA and DIA, that neglected to warn the various embassies that there was a high-level probability of problems on 9/11/12 adds to the general incompetence of the State Dept. security, which are all ex-law enforcement and highly-trained. As an Arabist FSO, I knew many RSO's who were fine fellows to knock back a few with, but their security skills didn't match their ability to make wassail...! Read the Original Article at HuffingtonPost

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