Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Owebama Talks of Redistribution---not just to Joe The Plumber

The Presstitutes in the electronic & print media are obediently following their masters---though by now they're well-trained---in prolonging an off-the-cuff set of remarks at a closed Romney fund-raiser here in Boca in order to divert attention away from the First Bungler's failed foreign policy. When McClatchy, usually one of Obungler's dependable sock puppets, starts treating Libya as a monumental cock-up by the USA, then ATTENTION MUST BE DIVERTED by all means possible. And Obama pulled out Hillary Rodham C to lie through her rotten teeth to squash any subsequent inquiries by the Presstitute horde lest any stragglers not get the word.

Can't wake up the sleeping SHEEPLE with disturbing facts when four-month old off-the-cuff remarks might insult their intelligence by sleight of hand and deception. With the help of a corrupt crooked collection of media clowns, the First Liar has seen it work time and again. Why stop now?

By the way, you can tell the tape was made from behind a bar by a probable drunk Demonrat recruited and paid for by David Brock to keep a hopeless Fu*k-Up in office. I imagine the dreamily weird Stuart Stevens or his idealistic boss Mitt has put the kabosh on dirty tricks, which is the only game the Demonrats have.

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