Sunday, September 16, 2012

Buchanan: Unrest = Obama "Naive" ME Policy Collapsing

Pat Buchanan doesn't mince words.
“What’s happening is the Obama administration’s Middle East policy is collapsing right in front of us,” Buchanan said. “He had his famous Cairo speech, and then he got behind the Arab Spring and dumped over some dictators and autocrats and other people, some of whom were friendly to us, others who were not. Thereby, they’ve unleashed these new forces, and not all of them are benign. Some of them are noxious.”

As a result, Buchanan said, many American personnel may have to permanently leave the Middle East and relocate to safer areas.

“There’s Islamic fundamentalism. There’s tribalism. There’s ethno-nationalism. All of these forces are on the move across the Middle East. And President Obama’s position is exposed as utterly naïve. I think what’s going to happen here, quite naturally, is Americans, tourists and others and American diplomats are going to have to be drawn out and drawn down from this region of the world, which is turning hostile.”

Pat went on in a pessimistic vein:
“I think, quite frankly, all of this, what is exploding now has been building up for years and years and years,” Buchanan continued. “I think there’s a real incompatibility between American culture and between the culture of the fundamentalist and the Islamic world. … There’s a revolution underway, a great religious awakening taking place among the poor and the working class. The one thing they have is the Islamic faith. They’re very militant about it. And they look at the enemy as the great Satan, and the Americans and the others with their cultural intrusions.”

This may be the confrontation that The Arab Awakening in the 20th century which went through the childhood diseases of socialism, etc., only to confront its own irrevocable backwardness after 80 years of groping blindly toward some sort of self-discovery. They are violent, fanatical, religious extremists by-and-large and will try to convert us willy-nilly.

Only retarded dreamers like Obama & HRC in their bottomless arrogance won't admit that.

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