Monday, September 24, 2012

Belicheck punches a-hole ref

Bill Belicheck is totally in the right to punch a substitute ref after his Patriots lost to the Ravens, 31-30 on a last-second FG. The officiating ranged from bad to awful and seemed to favor the Ravens by a 3-1 ratio when mistakes were made. Bill will get a big fine for this, but the greedy POS commissioner and the a-hole owners he shills for will pay in the long run for underpaying their regular refs. Having taught at FIU Ryder Business school, I am aware that the downfall of a preposterously profitable enterprise like the National Football League could ensue if the nickel-and-diming of the field referees results in close games going the other way. That's what happened in Baltimore and I hope Kraft reimburses Bill for his momentary loss of composure. UPDATE Here's the ridiculous call on the final play of the Packer/Seahawk game which is convincing me to avoid the NFL on TV until the league gets a Commissioner who understands the basic framework of human nature. This greedy pompous ass has got to go. Where is Pete Rozelle or even Tagliabue when you really need them?

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