Monday, September 17, 2012

Bad Answers to Questions I have been Asking Myself.

POLITICO is a pro-Obama series of in the main mostly gibberish about how bad Romney is and how Obama is necessary to keep us on the path to social/communist nirvana. But I do trust JIm VandeHei. Here's my comment to their piece I linked to above about why and how the Romney Campaign is being suborned by a lunatic who has Romney's ear, and evidently his mind, wrapped around the weirdo Stuart Stevens' finger:
I keep wondering why I am seeing lousy ads for Romney that are bland & at the same time describe Obama's shortcomings without a peep about specifics on the Romney agenda. VandeHei is a reliable reporter, even insightful, while Mike Allen is a shameless hack for Obama. Yes, Stuart Stevens sounds like a hopeless choice to lead Mitt's campaign, but if that's true, it might forebode what a stilted stunted administration Romney might lead. And why choose Ryan, only to muzzle him?

Obama is a hopeless eff-up as POTUS. And Biden is a joke. Our economy is swirling in the toilet and Obama is watching his imbecilic Middle East policies crumble into dust....along with any credibility he has left.

If Romney can't beat this epic fail, it isn't because of a loon like Stevens, harmful though he has proven to be in his maestro mode. Romney deserves to lose for making so many wrong choices in his campaign set-up. This isn't another venture capital firm, or a rescue firm. The country needs to be rescued from Obama and we have a rigid, stainless steel, wooden candidate instead of a real candidate to oppose the fraud-in-chief.

McCain had a team that also struggled to keep the tiller from uncharted waters, but now I wish the Murphy guy who was Romney's advisor for the MA governor's race had won out. Stevens had better have a rabbit in his hat, or even better, pull it out at the right moment. Or maybe Israel can attack Iran and send oil and gas prices through the roof in time to make Obama finally sink. Otherwise, the Republic is finished and we all might as well learn how to sing the Internationale...

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