Saturday, July 29, 2006

Warren Christopher: He's BAAAACK!

The State Department's least distinguished Sec'y of State in recent memory, the low-key, low-competence physically-short [5-three or four] Warren Christopher has the nerve to pat himself on the back and bad-mouth Condi Rice on her handling of the Mideast crisis. Along with fellow gasbag Les Gelb, their self-serving commentary ["Shimon Peres asked me to ......"] reveals what short hitters this lil fellow and his team really were.

Bashar Assad was almost certainly the co-sonspirator, if not instigator, of Rafiq Hariri's assassination last year. The incompetent UN still is "investigating" the clear trail back to Damascus, but hopes to sweep the investigation under the rug, if past is prologue, as the UN embarks on another round of anti-Semitic Israel bashing led by chief eff-up Kofi Annan, the dupiest dupe of the Turtle Bay dupe-horde.

Now dupe Christopher wishes to make Boy-Assad part of what lawyers like Warren call "the Process." Lawyer Warren never met a negotiation he didn't like---it's what lawyers like the overlawyered Clinton crowd do, when they're not calling in judges to ask permission to have their drones kill terrorists!

Assad wants to move back into Lebanon, where his sock puppet Emile Lahoud is still president. He's got another Christian turncoat named Michel Aoun also clamoring for his return. Assad started the dominoes falling that encouraged Hezbollah to attack Israel, if he didn't actually give Nasrullah the green light.

Attorney-at-large Christopher wants to help him. I suggest Christopher go to Baghdad instead and help his friend Ramsey Clark defend Saddam Hussein.

BTW, Christopher's incompetence did do the USA one very great favor. He headed Gore's legal team in the Florida fiasco of 2000 and his advice on the recount probably sank Gore's chances to gain that state's electoral votes like a stone.

America thanks Warren Christopher and suggests he rest on his laurels, such as they are!

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