Thursday, July 20, 2006

Self-Identified Conservatives: 34%; Self-Identified Liberals 21%

Jeffrey Goldberg had a recent article in the New Yorker which explained a lot of problems that confront the Democrats as they attempt to dig themselves out of six years of minority rule and twelve years of a legislative minority position.

Goldberg says that a recent national poll asked eligible voters how they identified themselves and what sort of issues would they support in an election. Goldberg stated that 34% questioned identified themselves as conservatives and 21% as liberals.

Obviously, like many polls that indicate facts the MSM does not agree with, this outcome got little or no press coverage. But I give a hat tip to the commenter on Ace of Spades today for the following joke:

Q:"How many Liberals does it take to lose an election?"
A:"All of them."

And hats off to the rabid lefties who have convinced this nations that even allowing centrist Democrats a majority might permit the restless social engineers to legislate what a bunch of activist unelected judges are already enjoining into law without any constitutional redress save the SCOTUS---a process that allows years of foolish judicially-activated policy to corrode our national life before being overthrown by five sane Justices---now that we have five---and Kennedy is still wobbly.

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