Wednesday, July 19, 2006

School Voucher Bill Raised Will Arouse Teacher Union Wrath

The vexing question of school vouchers, desired by inner-city parents to allow their kids to escape the failing US public school system, wull get $100 million if Bush can rouse himself enough to get the House and the fractious Senate to pass a bill, according to the Washington Post.

The deliriously corrupt NEA/AFTA stranglehold on public schools ensures the continuing decline of America vis-a-vis foreign systems. The US has a parallel system which functions much more efficiently on about half the price, but the socialist ideologues running the teachers' unions have their secular agenda firmly implanted into the empty heads of the Democratic leadership.

Education is an orphan in the wilderness while the US diminishes in intellectual candlepower except for the private schools, beacons of sanity in a wasteland of political correctness.

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