Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Anderson Cooper Exposes Euro-TV Hezbollista bias.

I somehow missed Nic Robertson's mea culpa for swallowing the Hezbollah agitprop hook, line, rod and sinker. But Anderson Cooper does everyone a service by exposing the Hezbollah terrorists' minders as well as the Euro-dupe TV crews photographing fake ambulance responses.

Anyone watching BBC and Jim Lehrer's duped and stupid PBS Evening News can see that most western [and some US] news organizations lap up the Hezbollah line, with the BBC commentators, Bolsheviks like Simpson, Cowen, et alii, lugubriously intoning in solemn quavering fashion all the crimes of Israel. Oh, the humanity!

Cooper, to his credit, shows the man behind the curtain the other newsies ignore. The Beeb is not a news organization, but a terrorist support-group in the one-sided ultra-left spin the failed journalists give every episode they show. The commentator sounds like the doughty little Hezzies are giving those evil Jews as good as they get, and then some. You'd think you were watching a newsreel from the Second World War with the resounding bravado the Beeb Bolshevik throbs into his mike.

Lehrer's show uses ITN footage. Cooper is CNN's only good reporter, as the Brits like Robertson appear hopelessly agog spinning Hezbollah agitprop. FoxTV stays away from Beirut's southern suburbs, which are terrorist warrens and should be pounded flat.

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Anonymous said...

as opposed to the pro-israeli bias in the US media?