Thursday, July 20, 2006

Two Recent Low Points in the History of Western Culture

Howie Kurtz's round-up today has a couple of the usual imbecilities from the whack jobs on the ultra-left.

Serial Chronic Drunk Helen Thomas had a dragon-breath pronouncement at the WH briefing that Tony Snow bitch-slapped appropriately:

"THOMAS: We have gone for collective punishment against all of Lebanon and Palestine. And what's happening -- and that's the perception of the United States.

SNOW: Well, thank you for the Hezbollah view, but I would encourage you. . . .

THOMAS: Nobody's accepting your explanation. What is it say, to call for. . . .

SNOW: I'll tell you, what's interesting is people have. The G-8 was completely united on this."

What does that formaldehyde-fossil Thomas perceive in her pickled perceptions? Snakes and other delirium tremens hallucinations, perhaps?

A Vanity Fair comedian named Wolcott has a politically oh-so-correct commentary on high protocol. Can you imagine what this specimen's fantasy life must be if he can extrapolate the following from a photo-op?:

BEGIN QUOTE ""Most of the commentary I've seen regarding President Bush's impromptu shoulder-rub/aborted massage of German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the G8 summit has treated the incident as a light, wacky divertissement, much like Bush's goofball attempt to make a dramatic exit from a press conf in China only to be thwarted by a locked door. Certainly there's something intrinsically comic about a freelance prowling masseur looking for flesh to knead. . . ."

"Bush's behavior crosses more boundaries, and not just because the Leader of the Free World doesn't normally lay his playful hands on the opposite sex in his high-powered public forums. Put simply, what Bush did is a very odd way for a married man to behave under most circumstances, even odder under these..."

"He wasn't giving Merkel a massage, he was taking possession of her, letting everybody know, "This little lady's mine." I wonder what Merkel's husband thought of Bush's handy familiarity. I can't imagine Laura Bush was too thrilled."

Wolcott and Olbermann are a marriage made in heaven---they should head to Massachusetts and formally tie the knot!

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