Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Harris Poll Has 50% of Americans Believe Saddam had WMDs

Remember back when the unctious Billy Jeff Clyntoon was in the habit of fulsomely praising the "great wisdom" of the American people? Well, after the Repubs won the next two elections, the tilting 70% ADA US MSM has been berating Americans for being so silly as believing in God, opposing gay marriage, and supporting GWB at a 40% rate even after three years of a bitter, badly-planned conflict in Iraq.

However, some of Saddam's generals now attest that there was a top-secret exportation of Iraq's WMD that took place a few months before the American Operation Iraqi Freedom. The converted 747's made dozens of trips to Syria, ostensibly as "relief" shipments, to hand over Saddam's deadly toys to the nitwit Syrian boy-Assad, who actually may not have known about the WMDs coming his way, given the intense secrecy of his own five internal intell services!

In any event, Saddam's quick export of chem and bio weapons was so top secret that his own generals were fooled, many of whom expected the US invasion to trigger Iraqi use of the WMD horde.

Of course, the American electronic and print disinformation disseminators exulted in the inability of US and UN inspectors to unearth the WMDs, now safely esconced in Syria, and reportedly Lebanon.

And you can bet that the results of the Harris poll, demonstrating a majority of those polled as believing the US government and not the politicized Dem-leaning MSM, will not be published in, say, the NYT, LAT, Boston Globe, and other lefty organs.

That would be responsible journalism, not a trademark of the three publications mentioned above.

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