Monday, December 17, 2012

When Will China [& US] Restrain N. Korea?

US policy toward the obnoxious international criminal state of North Korea has been strongly restrictive until an imbecile named Jimmy Carter broke the Logan Act in 1994 & went to Pyongyang to great fanfare. This perverted creep got Bill Clinton, barely better in his personal conduct than Carter's zany mishaps abroad, to succumb to his worse instincts and send incompetent SecState Albright to Pyongyang looking like the proverbial little old lady in tennis shoes.

Of course, N. Korea's people at the time of Albright's visit were starving at the rate of a million deaths per year of simple malnutrition. Clinton arranged what he naively believed was a "deal" whereby N. Korea would terminate its nuke reactors in exchange for food. The US delivered on its end---Kim Jung Il did not on his.

GWB held the fort against the N. Korean polymorphous perversity when it became obvious that Pyongyang was building a bomb & missiles with money from the food it received from the US & China.

A recent CBS 60 Minutes program outlined how NK prison camps still starve their inmates for the non-crime of being related to relatives who defected [over 50 years ago!!!]. And Americans are not immune from the pervasive paranoia and parochialism of the moronic mindset of Pyongyang---as Mr Kenneth Bae, still a prisoner of the NK fascists, can attest.

And realists have been telling Hillary, the latest moronic Clinton to succumb to kumbayeh BS on NK aid, that her aid is killing people in the NK Gulag Archipelago where prisoners are shot, hanged and flayed alive while Hillary travels the world with her female entourage attending to her every need.

As long as China treats Pyongyang as a spoiled child and gives the rat-regime of Kim Jung Un just enough to get by, the NK will make money peddling nuke & missile technology to rogue regimes around the world. And the Boy Wonder will not raise a finger to stop it.

It's obvious that the so-called "civilized" world doesn't give a rat's ass about Commie crazy states like Cuba & NKorea because the belief that the forces of "progress" will lead to generational change. Ditto for Mullah-ridden Iran & the newest theocratic monstrosity, Egypt.

Iraq is now "free" to jail its Sunni Vice President on a technicality and the rump of Iraqi Kurdistan may declare a Kurdish state with the Kurdish parts of Syria & Turkey & Iran wanting to join tout de suite.

I hope John Kerry is up for all this diversity in perversity, because Hillary Clinton and the Boy Wonder who "leads from behind" sure didn't.

Although I really can't forgive Kerry for his ridiculous and treasonous remarks back in the day when he accused US soldiers of war crimes that he claimed to have witnessed.

The clown was only in Vietnam for 3 1/2 months, and accumulated THREE [3] purple hearts without a scar to show for them... What a hoax...! But then, he's a Democrat.

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GW said...

The only suggestion that I've heard to motivate the Chinese is to answer considering to assist in a re-militarization of Japan, complete with a small nuclear arsenal. I think it was Krauthammer who came up with that one. Might work.