Sunday, December 16, 2012

Louie Gohmert Says More Guns Are Answer To Preventing Mass Killings

Rep Gohmert is correct, although he hardly argues his case well or even grammatically. Chicago has the strictest gun laws and the highest murder rate per capita in the USA. NYC has brought its homocide rate down, but still has a high murder rate, as does Wash., DC, where guns are strictly forbidden, but come into DC from across Key Bridge and the Beltway from VA, where gun laws are more in compliance with the Second Amendment. Baltimore in MD & Philly have high restrictions on firearms & high murder rates---criminals act less fearfully in robbing civilians if they know they're not armed.

Bernie Goetz of NYC is still my hero... He was prosecuted for shooting five vicious criminal gun-toting freaks on an NYC subway... That's what liberals do, prosecute the innocent & let the criminals run free. Thank God for Giuliani, who cleaned out NYC of a lot of its riffraff.

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