Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rick Snyder Meets With Michigan Democratic Congressional Delegation On Right To Work

The previous Governor, the manifestly insane Ms. Granholm, presided over a state that was being drained of its lifeblood by grasping unions. Now that the Michigan voters have opted for a sane chief executive and legislatures, the manifest racket that are the unions insist on continuing to drain Michigan of its economic vitality. Captive plantations like Detroit have let the Dimmocrats and their union nutjobs systemically suck the life out of the host organisms through their exorbitant demands----states other than Michigan that have right-to-work laws have thriving auto industries from overseas with ZERO bloodsucking unions.

BMW in South Carolina & Honda in Alabama have brought prosperity to their local neighborhoods. GM & Chrysler have had to get US government help to bail them out and GM is back at the trough begging for more monies from Uncle Sam to keep the tapeworm unions well fed. I once worked for COPE, the UAW action arm and saw the belly of the beast. I got my MA at the U. of Michigan on a Fellowship---in history, so I know what the unions are all about from the inside and the outside.

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