Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Newtown Shooter Had Bizarre Weird Condition

Lanza only participated in one extracurricular activity in high school before his mother yanked him for home schooling and that was the "Tech Club." The advisor there took an interest in him because he was very bright and very unusual, to say the least.

The link above shows the advisor recounting that Adam was UNABLE TO FEEL PHYSICAL PAIN & apparently EMOTIONAL pain or empathy as well. The parallels between this freak who lit his arm with lighters to see if he could feel anything and the crazed idiot in Aurora who shot up a movie theater are not striking, but they're there. Very intelligent but emotionally remote and very nerdy.

However, the young man in Newtown was going to be a complete washout, spending his time figuratively in his mom's basement playing video games, which glorify violence and death.

I spent several minutes last night watching that disgusting pompous pile of BS named Piers Morgan, who spouted inaccuracies at a guest who was cool as a cucumber. The creep from the UK wants to turn the US into another clone of the European slave states where the individual is subsumed into the anthill of state slavery.

I want an assault rifle to defend my individual rights against tyrannical government such as freaks like Morgan and other misbegotten media automatons would have me give up.

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