Saturday, December 22, 2012

Skip Bayless Crucifies Rex Ryan

Skip doesn't mince words and has been a Tebow fan from the get-go.
Did Ringmaster Rex ever pull one over on us. Did he ever sell a bill of goods to a yes, sir/no, sir sucker named Tim Tebow and to the media and fans who bought into Rex Ryan's bombastic baloney.

Hurry, hurry, step right up and see Tim Tebow & half man, half wildcat & come to New York and revolutionize the way the Jets play offense!

In the end Tim Tebow's lost season appears to have been little more than a publicity stunt designed to steal media attention away from the defending champion New York Giants and feed it to the biggest coaching ego in sports -- Rex's. Did it ever work. While the Giants toiled in relative camp obscurity, the satellite trucks surrounded Rex's no-ring circus. Rex delighted in dropping bombshell hints about secret Tebow packages. Would Tebow and Mark Sanchez alternate series, or even starts? Would Rex sometimes play them together?

You won, Rex. You punk'd us.

And you just might have lost your job.

It's difficult to know who deserves the most blame for acquiring Tebow: GM Mike Tannenbaum, owner Woody Johnson or Rex. But that tabloid-rocking move wrecked the Jets' season because it soon shattered what was left of Sanchez's glass psyche. The last thing poor Sanchez needed after an 8-8 season in which he threw 18 interceptions and lost eight fumbles was Tebowmania looming on the sideline. After Sanchez hit bottom Monday night at Tennessee with four interceptions and a fate-sealing fumble, Rex announced he was benching Sanchez in favor of & Greg McElroy, the former seventh-round pick.

Not Tebow, the former first-round pick, for whom the Jets gave Denver a fourth and a sixth.


No way Rex wanted to give Tebow two full-game chances at season's end to make him look like a fool for not playing Tebow much earlier.

It was shameful the way Ryan and very offensive coordinator Tony Sparano used and misused Tebow. But the joke ultimately was on them. The Jets' season kept BEGGING for Tebow to save it, just like he turned around last year's Broncos from 1-4 to division champs who beat Pittsburgh and its No. 1-ranked defense in a playoff game. Yet by the week Ryan grew more stubbornly proud, began to resent the media monster he'd created by hyping Tebow and dug in with HIS quarterback, the one he called "The Sanchise." He kept treating Tebow like a publicity stunt instead of giving him a chance to save the job Rex might lose.

Playoff-missing justice finally prevailed.
That's Skip Bayless just getting started..!! Read the rest of the link above to see him utterly demolish Ryan as a total fool and mega-ASSHOLE...!!!

UPDATE ESPN Analyst Merrill Hoge called Tebow as "phony as a three-dollar bill." It should be remembered that this former RUNNING BACK retired because of a BRAIN INJURY that left Hoge having to learn to read again because he experienced memory loss, confusion and headaches.

Even Jaws, a great Super Bowl QB, defended Tebow.

A running back like Hoge knows little about the QB position. Former lineman ESPN analyst Mark Shlereth knows more about QB's than brainfart-susceptible Hoge.

Here's an article in ESPN, Hoge's employer, that makes him out to be a bigger POS than ever. Ryan all but denies that Tebow refused to play the wildcat. But Rex is crazier than Hoge, in the opinion of the other ESPN analysts.

Rich Cimini is ESPN's chief writer on the Jets. Here's his best take on the next QB for the Jets after ditching Sanchez, Tebow, and demoting McElroy:
Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bills -- His days in Buffalo appear numbered because of a $3 million roster bonus due in March. The Bills would take a $10 million cap hit by releasing him, but it appears they want to start over at quarterback. Fitzpatrick hasn't been the same since signing a six-year, $62 million contract in 2011 (he has received $26 millon of that amount), but he has an 82.9 passer rating this season, which isn't horrible on a bad team.

Potential fit with the Jets: He's still only 30 years old, knows the AFC East and could be serviceable in the right offense. Of course, he's a Harvard man, which means he's probably smart enough to stay away from the Jets.
Roger that, Rich. As long as Ryan is coach, the team is doomed.

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