Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Led Zeppelin Get Kennedy Honors

Led Zeppelin along with The Who are my two favorite groups of all time. I have only seen The Zeppelin live once, in Baltimore. I've seen The Who five times, including twice in France, BION...!!

Last night, the Zeppelin succeeded The Who in getting Kennedy Center honors and then was on David Letterman's show. Sadly, Letterman didn't know much at all, evidently, about LZ's background and career. He described them as "Vikings, Vikings have sex, and Sex." To which John Paul Jones remarked with a bit of a smirk, "sex with Hobbits."

Of course, if Letterboy the undeserving ever did his homework, he'd have found out about the dozen or more references to LOTR in their music, including a couple about "Gollum, the Evil One."

But that would have been work, and this rape-room devotee [he does it above his stage, thus endearing him to Democrats] has been skating for more than two decades, living off the leftist frauds who infest his guest list each evening.

Leno is funnier, works harder, and doesn't suck up to Oblunderer and the rest of the Dark Enlightenment's shoddy pretenders and impostors.

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