Saturday, December 01, 2012

Fiscal Cliff Talks: Behind Obama's Opening Bid

Bob Woodward's book The Price of Politics contends that there is a huge leadership vacuum in Washington precisely because Obama is unable or unwilling to put his shoulder to the wheel and do the little Congressional tete-a-tetes and schmoozing that other POTUS's, like Reagan & Clinton, did so well to get their way.

In the debt ceiling standoff last summer, Boehner had actually corralled Reid, Pelosi & along with McConnell presented a united front to Obama, according to Woodward's book. But Obama refused the deal & the country was forced into a showdown on the fiscal cliff.

It is becoming clear that Obama doesn't have the ability to compromise---that it is all or nothing for him. His narcissistic ego shows that he is an amateur at the game of politics good only because a pliant media showers him with praise even when he screws up mightily in debacles like Benghazi or the debt ceiling last summer. He was re-elected by playing Santa to the lumpenproletariat who are allowed to vote & shepherded to the polls by their minders. The sheeple have spoken and Obama thinks now that his political gamesmanship with the economy will be acceptable & even rewarded by this collection of slackers, layabouts & elitist statists that want the amateur to usher in a huge government take-over of all aspects of the economy.

Europe has been trying this for decades and has failed both economically & politically. Looks like the First-Amateur doesn't know his history or worse, doesn't care.

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Cornelius Troost said...

Alas, your diagnosis is utterly correct. Obama's narcissism is, after all, a disorder that often could manifest itself in an absence of compromise. His ego requires the unwarranted adulation he has always received. His tribalist values will create a serious impasse. We are not dealing with a narmal mind here.