Sunday, December 23, 2012

Some Russians & Georgians Celebrate Stalin's Birthday

The hideous monster Stalin remains popular to a tiny minority of homines-Sovieticus who still regard Djugashvili as a great leader. The question remains:
Fooling FDR was not difficult. Often a fool is easily fooled. And Stalin was a beast who killed his own people on purpose---perhaps 50 million died because of his malignant malice and they were mostly citizens of the USSR. At least Hitler reserved his rage for citizens outside of Germany [except for German Jews]. Mao was the worst and may have killed up to 70mm Chinese citizens. Why do Communist revolutions kill their own citizens, ala Pol Pot?
And another question remains; did Stalin who was half-Georgian & half-Ossetian really like ethnic Russians? Remember that Stalin got Lenin's attention originally by his study of the ethnic composition of the USSR in 1918, just after the revolution succeeded and while various parts of the USSR were independent republics, like Georgia & Azerbaijan.
"Koba" spoke Russian with a noticeable Georgian accent and his father was Ossetian [a Persian-related ethnic minority] in heritage. It was occasionally remarked that he hated Russians, but couldn't act on this primal urge. "Young Stalin" by Montefiori has much interesting info on how this political perv became perhaps the greatest monster of the twentieth century.
Despite Anne Applebaum's Pulitzer-winning Gulag, some Americans still regard Stalin in a favorable light---even Henry Wallace visited Vorkuta [especially cleaned up like a Potemkin village] up in Eastern Siberia---a camp which rivaled some of Hitler's Death Camps in its winter mortality rate..! Happily, Truman was chosen in 1944 as Veep or else America would have had the village idiot as POTUS, a totally gullible fan of Uncle Joe's. Wallace was sent on some junket after he was deposed as Vice President---good riddance to bad rubbish...!

Here's another version of how Georgians in particular are divided about this most famous offspring of their country.

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