Sunday, December 02, 2012

Thomas Jefferson was a Racist Monster

Jon Meacham wrote a book about American religious history about ten years ago which I bought at a discount. The dunce never mentioned any of the Great Religious Revivals called The Great Awakenings. The book was so thin on anything except Parson Weems level silliness, I regretted spending any money on it at all. Now the dunce has, after driving Newsweek into bankruptcy & terminal dissolution during a laughable period as leftist moron, Meacham has written a silly superficial book on Jefferson. I have read Malone & half-a-dozen other bios of Jefferson & understand how David McCullough started a book on both Adams & Jefferson and then peeled off to write solely about Adams, Jefferson being a moral sewer of opinions---The Declaration of Independence was solely for show.

I personally would rank Jefferson below Eisenhower & Reagan & Teddy Roosevelt among other second-tier First Execs. So evidently would Henry Wiencek, who unlike the cliche-monger Meacham, digs in closely to the contradictions in Jefferson's character. Read the linked NYT article & judge for yourself.

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